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I am currently applying Semantic MediaWiki at vsk.wikia.com for a relatively small community of virtual skippers who have a passion for sailing that persists off the water and into the library or study. Wikia's supported versions of SMW and related extensions can lag behind the latest release by up to several months. Versions are limited to:

  • MediaWiki v1.14.1
  • Semantic MediaWiki v1.5e-SVN
  • Semantic Drilldown v0.5.3
  • Semantic Forms v1.5.1
  • Google Maps v0.9.4

My previous wiki experience was at rappelz.wikia.com where I developed a complex application of standard template calls to centrally manage data for about 250 skills having a one-to-many relationship with 18 jobs in an MMOG setting. That approach used so-called data record templates where data for each skill could be centrally maintained and then a small number of so-called data presentation templates to display this data in a uniform way for each job.

The first two applications I have in mind for SMW and SF at the Virtual Skipper Wiki are:

  1. A so-called Manage your Favorites facility accessible from any page at the wiki (finished)
    • Unlike your standard bookmark facility the Fanlist for each page is semantic data and so:
      1. a popularity metric for each page (really the subject matter of each page) can be displayed as part of the page content
      2. at a user's home page their list of favorite pages can be sorted by category, filtered, concepts applied, etc. to almost any degree
      3. Downside: each act of adding/removing a page to/from a user's favorite list is a page edit
  2. Semi-automated upload of highly regular (XML or CSV) race results & conditions to a query-capable wiki database that I hope will help the Virtual Skipper community to:
    (i) design race courses
    (ii) host race conditions
to appeal to the widest cross-section of community members.

You can read about those plans at Semantic data for this wiki. I enjoy studying and applying CSS, JavaScript and MediaWiki. While I am working on wiki projects I can usually be found at IRC channels:

I live on the Gold Coast and like so many Australians enjoy just about anything to do with the beach - sailing, fishing, swimming, snorkling, beachcombing, seafood and so on.