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Josephine Lim
Josephine Lim
Commons app project maintainer & developer

About me

I grew up in Malaysia, but lived in beautiful New Zealand for several years, and am currently based in Brisbane, Australia. I was a pharmacist before I made a career change into computer science/software development, which I regard as one of the best decisions I've made. Contributing to global progress and dissemination of knowledge has long been a goal of mine, and I am excited to be making it happen. :)

My work

I'm a freelance developer and a current IEGrantee for improving the open-source Wikimedia Commons Android app. I first started work on the app in 2015 as an Outreachy intern, and have been the official app maintainer since Sep 2016. Aside from that, I worked briefly in AI research, and dabble in game and web development.

Contact me