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Earlier attempt at a JD:

Empirical JD:

  • Quarterly planning
    • Establish timeline for each quarterly planning cycle
    • Announce/remind/review setting goals and updating the wiki page
    • Create check-in decks; shepherd program owners adding content; review
    • Coordinate check-in event (invite, recruit timekeeper/scribe, facilitate)
    • Post decks and notes on commons/meta; conduct a retrospective
  • Program work
    • Regular communications with departmental program owners, about recent past/current/upcoming goals and work
    • Thinking and getting others to think about high-level and long-term program structure and goals
    • Coordinate with Cross-Departmental Program owners (e.g. SDC) as needed
    • Proofing materials (e.g. blog posts)
    • From original JD: Provide backlog maintenance and visibility across all Technology programs
    • From original JD: Assist with project management and execution for multiple, collaborative, geographically distributed programs
  • Dev Summit
    • Assist Rachel and Sarah with Organizing Committee work
    • Assist Rachel with Program Committee work
  • Facilitation/coordination work
    • TechCom: Prepare weekly agenda; scribe weekly meeting; serve as back-up facilitator; other consultations as needed
    • Sunsetting working group
    • Code Health Group/Tech Debt SIG
    • Tech managers offsite
    • Coordinate cross-departmental work with Audiences (including projects like SoS rethink)
    • From original JD: Liaise with the Developer Relations team within the Community Engagement Department to provide a strong link between the external developer community
  • Other
    • Coach and meet with Tech managers as needed/helpful (on process, agile, interpersonal issues, etc.
    • Q2 goal: "Plan for when HHVM no longer supports PHP5" (assemble a plan through consultations with several teams)
    • Assist and fill in for other Technology Program Manager(s) as needed
    • Attend weekly Scrum of Scrums (and watch for items of interest to TechCom, as well as Audiences/Technology interactions)
    • Serve as a bidirectional communications bridge between CTO and Tech managers
    • One-off projects as needed, such as:
      • Assisted putting together a presentation for the board
      • Shepherd completion of Google Technical Projects doc
      • Shepherd completion of All Hand/Dev Summit travel approval sheet
      • Attend (could have facilitated) a debrief of a major train interruption
      • Participate in discussions about "10% time" policies
    • From the original JD: Manage our Developer Wishlist program