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Who Am I[edit]

My name is Joachim De Schrijver and I am the owner of During the development and maintenance of that site I learned a lot on Semantic Wiki, advanced template development and extension development. Recently, I developed some extensions to integrate social media such as Twitter and Facebook into a MediaWiki framework. I will gladly answer any questions if you have any!

As I am a real Belgian guy. You can send me messages in English, Dutch, French or German (although I would really appreciate English as it makes it easier to just copy/paste your question and my answer on some FAQ page).


Mount Wiki[edit]

Mount Wiki ( is collaborative project on mountaineering. I have the following duties:

  • Server administrator, hosting, MediaWiki framework updating etc.
  • Template design
  • Semantic wiki implementation
  • Content verification

Semantic Wiki[edit]

  • Implementing, designing and customizing existing semantic wiki approaches
  • Support @ IRC Channel

MW Extensions[edit]