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Mediawiki Extensions[edit]

Extensions by Jean-Lou Dupont. For more information on these extensions, we are invited to visit [1].

PEAR channel[edit]

All extensions are available as PEAR package on [2].


All extensions are also available as tarball on SVN.

Feature Requests / Issues[edit]

Note Note:Please use the trac system available here for reporting issues or filing feature requests. You can also use this facility to vote for issues/features.


To see a rating list of my extensions, please consult Extensions Ratings.

Debug Information[edit]

I usually include debug information on the page Special:Version next to the extension. For example, in Extension:ExtensionManager there is an indication if parser caching is found to be active and if the package PEAR::Validate is available.

SVN RSS feed[edit]

There is an RSS feed for changes on the SVN: feed.