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I'm pathetically bad at editing wiki pages, but I do my best. If I mess up, let me know on my talk page (or whatever's appropriate). I'm open to any feedback you have. I guess my "home wiki" would be MediaWiki just because that's where I'm the least inactive, but I'm used to distributed communities so it doesn't really matter. Here's my user CSS and a list of gadgets I use, including one of my own.

Things I Like To Keep Handy[edit]

Enable Flow on a page
Extension Archiving

{{TNT|Archived extension|#|reason=This extension appears to be abandoned. Its source code is unavailable.}}

Extension Installation

| custom-steps = If downloading with git, you must run git submodule update --init from the extension directory.
| db-update = Yes
| download-link = [[#Code|Copy the code into files]]
| localsettings =
$wgGooglePlacesAPIKey = /* GOOGLE API KEY GOES HERE */;
| registration = required

Interwiki Map
Language Bar

<languages />

LiquidThreads Archival Template

{{LQT page converted to Flow}}

My User CSS
On-Wiki Extension Code Warning

{{TNT|Extension code in wiki}}

Security Extension

{{TNT|Page security extension disclaimer}}

Security Extension Vulnerabilities
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Mistakes Not To Make Again[edit]

  • Editing anything in the Translations namespace
  • Editing /en articles
  • Moving a talk page to flow with recent activity (perhaps in the last 6 months?)
  • Not using Interwiki links
  • Writing edit summaries not in the imperative