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Norwegian input method with most common form transliterated.

The first column is the character you will get in caps and the other columns say how to type it in caps or without caps.

What you get All caps First caps Last caps No caps
Å AA Aa - aa
Æ AE Ae - ae
Ø OE Oe - oe
AA AAA AAa aaA aaa
AE AEE AEe aeE aee
OE OEE OEe oeE oee

The input method will also modify the quotes, hyphens and some other punctuation.

What you get What you type Intention is to replace with
«foo ⎵"foo the opening primary quote sign before non-whitespace
foo» foo"⎵ the closing primary quote sign after non-whitespace
‹bar ⎵'bar the opening secondary quote sign before non-whitespace
bar› bar'⎵ the closing secondary quote sign after non-whitespace
basʼ bas'⎵ the trailing modifier apostrophe after s, z, and x
ba's ba's the inline apostrophe between chars
'n Per ⎵'⎵[backspace]n⎵Per the leading apostrophe before char
−123 ⎵-123 the minus sign before a number
‐abc ⎵-abc the hyphen sign before a word
– abc ⎵-⎵abc the offset leading en dash before a word
abc– abc-⎵ the trailing en dash after a word
abc[shy] abc-[newline] the soft hyphen on line ends
... the horizontal ellipsis
123[nbsp]345 123⎵345 the non-breaking space as thousand marker