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User:Jean-Frédéric/Hackathon handbook

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A handbooks to organise hackathons

(Points taken from discussions with WMF coordinators and organisers & regulars of previous hackathons.)


Rule of thumb: max ~1h of travel between venue & international airport, running at least once per hour.

(No hard rule there though, other could be considered)


  • If possible, sleeping & hacking in the same building. Otherwise, minimise transport time, avoid public transport (not running in the middle of the night ;)
  • Eating on site
  • Flexibility is king! 24/24 access.

Necessary rooms[edit]

Big fat wide working space
Attributes: tables, being able to move around
Typically: hostel dinner room or central hall
Big room with everybody, for opening & closing
Attributes: chairs to sit everybody
Roughly only serves for opening & closing ; rest of the time a break out room
Several breakout rooms
Attributs: AV set-up
At least 3 (?)

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