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Hey all, my name is Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura. But as this is rather long and not-so-handy, I'm usually known as jackie.

I'm a sort of an instance of a scattered (anti-)identity somewhere between Science & Technology Studies, Informatics/Computer Science and Education. I'm usually a part-timer in different fields, mostly systems and networ administration, education (doing lectures/seminars, workshops and trainings in and outside tech contexts) and an activist. Besides work I'm mostly engaged at the emancipatory tech collective and the feminist network of technoscientists If I'm working on my own it is usually for I live and work in/from Vienna, Austria.

Regarding MediaWiki I'm more of a software end user - I've set up a lot of MediaWiki installs for groups and organizations who use it to coordinate and organize or use it as a knowledge sharing platform. I also used MediaWiki with some extensions as as a blended learning platform to do courses on computer science & gender. As a sys & network admin I'm of course inclined to tweak the software towards my/our own needs, and I also am used to do PHP and web dev. So I'd say I'm an inclined MediaWiki hacker, but not an expert one.

You can reach me either here through the wiki communcations system, or more directly by mail to jackie (ät) diebin (.) at