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Isarra Yos
Isarra Yos
Elementalist, Soldiers of Fortuna
"The light that emanates from my marvellous bust shall incapacitate my enemies with the fire of a thousand torches. Make peace with your gods, for I come to blind thy prying eyes."

About me

I'm a videogame character. I run around a fantasy world showing off excessive amounts of cleavage and making the undead explode.

It is a very difficult existence, but necessary for the good of all.

My work

I burn things. Sometimes people pay me to burn specific things, so I burn those, as I need the money for the upkeep of my incredibly skimpy and ridiculous outfits. Going out and burning things while looking this good, it's not cheap.

Disclaimer: Though I exist only in a videogame, my contributions may reflect back on the rest of the internet, especially as this name is used elsewhere.

Contact me

Send me a bird. It will find me, even underwater or in the depths of the risen city.