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User:Inchikutty/OPW Internship Report/January

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January 2014 Report[edit]

Submitted Patches[edit]

A brief overview about what all I learned in January[edit]

  • A lot more Javascript and JQuery
  • Prototyping using Pencil
  • Some more CSS
  • leaflet
  • Documentation using jsduck
  • Rebasing and changing dependencies in gerrit

Daily updates[edit]

Progress( Jan 01- Jan10 )[edit]

Jan 01 : Setting up and getting used to MediaWiki-Vagrant
Jan 02: Its penciltime.
Jan 03: Learning the art of mockups
Jan 04: Leaflet.js experiments for mockup
Jan 05: Created the first mock up with Pencil.. But Its not good
Jan 06: Pencil Tutorials and some coding time
Jan 07:Going through interesting UI plans
Jan 08: Finally realized that with GUI prototyping template for exporting document can make a lot of difference to Mock-up
Jan 09: Tackled pencil... mock-up started to look decent
Jan 10: Coding map widget and trying out leaflet.js in this fiddle

Progress( Jan 11- Jan20 )[edit]

Jan 11: Had a detailed discussion with mentor regarding next steps.. and started working towards the next step
Jan 12: Working on adding a new class file to Extension:UploadWizard
Jan 13: Working on Static map , geolocation , plotting inputs to map widget and vice verse, and OSM geocoding service look up.Also deciding on how to split code written so far into smaller patch sets.
Jan 14: Going through ResourceLoader module registration
Jan 15: Testing the new file added to the local copy UploadWizard.. and also improving static map ..
Jan 16:Committed change set to embed static map to UploadWizard
Jan 17:Working on CSS file
Jan 18: Coding rest of the rough working prototype.
Jan 19: Learning about advanced gerrit usage
Jan 20: Adding leaflet files to UploadWizard and working on dynamic map

Progress( Jan 21- Jan31 )[edit]

Jan 21: 'No value provided for {s} variable' error resolving
Jan 22: Completed coding functions to perform dynamic map- static map initializing, deinitializing, plotting input coordinates on both kind of maps (output screencast )
Jan 23:Submitted patchset which adds leaflet script to UploadWizard
Jan 24: Submitted patch set which introduces static map and leaflet map on UploadWizard
Functions added:

  • Static map initialization
  • Static map de-initialization
  • leaflet map initialization
  • leaflet map de-initialization
  • plotting input coordinates to leaflet map
  • updating input coordinates from leaflet map

Jan 25:Going through JSDuck format for documentation
Jan 26:Making changes as per reviews and some learning related to split a submitted change
Jan 27:Mentor taught me to change dependency chain of currently opened changes also taught about variable scopes in javascript, Installing JSDuck, working on leaflet map functions (case of simultaneous multiple uploads )
Jan 28: Reviewing lessons learnt from mentor ( variable scopes in Java Script)
Jan 29: uploaded another patch set , installed JSduck and learning documenting java script files using JSDuck
Jan 30: uploaded a new patch set under change : 107892 including documentation as per jsduck format (first attempt with jsduck documentation)
Jan 31: Rebasing changesets, reporting and documenting code(more jsduck)