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Greetings from Montréal, Canada.

Thank you for visiting my user page.

I'm just an average person who knows virtually nothing of the ways of Wikipedia and it's internal workings. All I know is that I had to sign up to join Wikipedia to lodge a complaint about the media viewer.

If it weren't for my determination I wouldn't have made a complaint since there appears to be no feedback system in place for changes like the media viewer despite claims that feedback is welcome. One has to edit Wikipedia documents to do anything and thus heavily discourages comments from the average person. I may be just the average user but I am stubborn and I will sign up and do what it takes when I feel strongly enough whereas the vast majority of the average wikipedia users would not.

Which says to me that the folks in charge don't want feedback from the average user.

I wish you well, and thanks to all the editors who try to keep Wikipedia in functional order.