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Guaka is Kasper Souren, administrator of several Wikipedias (Limburgish, Bambara, Fulfulde, Wolof), and co-founder of several wikis, such as hitchwiki, Trashwiki and Couchwiki.

Through I'm running several wikis on my own servers and I've worked on several MediaWiki extensions.

I'm available for consulting work on MediaWiki projects.


  • pywikibot-extras, some code I wrote for pywikipediabot.
  • mewsh, an attempt at a MediaWiki shell, in the style of drush and wp-cli.
  • pywikibot-web-frontend, a simple PHP frontend for controlling pywikibot, useful to give cli-averse people access to some pywikibot functionality

Meteorjs projects related to MediaWiki[edit]