This page describes use-cases for interactive templates, anything that involves templates

  • doing things automatically or
  • getting added automatically after certain events.

EPH script interface to work with edit protected template at English Wikipedia.

DraftsReview script interface to work with AFC submission template at English Wikipedia.

Altering template arguments[edit]

Template replacement[edit]

Template is replaced by another template.

  • At Wikipedia, helpme template is frequently changed to helpme-helped, helpme-working, or remove (if helpee cancels his/her query). Helpees may also need to switch helpme-helped to helpme to reopen the query. Technical 13 is working on a helper script to be preloaded as an on-by-default gadget for all wiki users, which triggers when users click buttons in templates.
  • At Wikipedia, unblock is changed to unblock on hold or unblock reviewed or unblocked. Manually.

Template replacement with arguments[edit]

Template is replaced by another template with arguments.

Template with path to add new section to article talk[edit]

Template adds a new section to article talk page, with arguments.

  • At Wikinews, review template adds peer reviewed to article talk, with arguments, such as booleans and comments. Easy peer review script is completed and performs this task using preloaded Js.
  • At Wikipedia, delete template asks user to enter a comment to leave at article talk page to protest the deletion. (Currently half-manually (how?), but that is acceptable as no extra steps are required).

Template to get added when a page is in a category[edit]

Template automatically appears on article talk page under certain conditions.