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User:Fz-29/Add a hierarchy type to the Cargo extension

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Project Phabricator task: T161034

Proposal : T161609

Preparation Tasks[edit]

[X] Understand MediaWiki, Cargo Extension and Page Forms Extension.
[X] Understand how to contribute at Wikimedia and learn various conventions.
[X] Perform micro-task T160687 and submit a few patches.
[X] Understand Cargo Extension architecture for its data storage.
[ ] Explore various implementations for storing hierarchy data.

Community Bonding Period[edit]

  • [ ]

Weekly reports[edit]

Week 1:[edit]

Week 2:[edit]

Week 3:[edit]

Week 4:[edit]

Week 5:[edit]

Week 6:[edit]

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Week 10:[edit]

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Week 12:[edit]

Final Evaluation Week[edit]