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The question of how knowledge is build, organised and accessed is the center of my interest. I therefore dwelt with argumentation and philosophy, and as a medium to represent the discourses, I developped a good knowledge of what xml is and how it can be used... and what are its limits. Everything about text analysis (natural language processing) captures my attention, for exemple the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI).

As a consequence of my studies (mainly based on philosophy, logic, and languages) I started some notes about texts of my favourite author (Jacques Lacan), and tried to describe the link he made between text, ideas and action.


After trying a few wiki (Jspwiki, and Dokuwiki, I settled with mediawiki and I think I'll keep things that way for some time. Php is simple enough to try some extensions, although it comes more and more complex with the appearance of class... I do my best to keep up, thanks to the help of the mailing lists.

The speciality of my wiki is to try to prove the efficiency of multilingual pages in learning vocabulary. My pages (most of them bilingual english / french, but also some good trilingual glossaries with german words) use the ability of CSS to render in different colors texts in various languages.


  1. Have a captcha to be able to upgrade from 1.3 to 1.5.6 (yes I know, I'm far behind)
  2. Change the messages of the wiki by detexting the prefered language of the visitor.
  3. Have some xml / Xsl extensions on my wiki
  4. Make an eframe with the list of comments directly on the article page