User:Econterms/EMWCon 2019 Report to Federal Enterprise MediaWiki Community

  • Overall: two days of presentations plus a "Create Camp" day doing projects together
  • The program
  • Several videos of the sessions are available on youtube
  • Wikidata keynote by Denny Vrancic -- >50 million items
  • My update slides on Diplopedia, Powerpedia, WikITA, Statipedia (RIP), new efforts at NRC, references to others -- THANK YOU for getting me the info to get that together
  • International Space Station wiki -- merged from other NASA wikis, EVA wiki (Erik Biegert and Vincent Brooks, others from NASA)
  • Signing forms officially on MediaWiki pages -- Rich Evans, NASA Glenn research center
  • The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group - Bryan Hilderbrand -- For people running MediaWiki outside the foundation, notably within enterprises
  • Use of MediaWiki to store large scale organized documentation -- Grenon/Jamer for Genesys, Flipo/Dokit, Haidvogl/Hellar presentations (SF MOMA photo)
  • GE's internal knowledge management systems, MediaWiki + Sharepoint - Evita Hollis
  • Italian cities wikis - Busanelli
  • Usage of Cargo with Lua on LoL Gamepedia - Megan Cutrofello
  • Photos of the event
  • Create Camp: Meza installation (NRC); monitoring of MediaWiki jobs (my interest) - Montalvo's implementation!

Relevant terms:

  • Meza is a distribution that includes MediaWiki + extensions (and more?) -- Meza: Why and How - James Montalvo
  • Cargo is an extension giving access to more underlying databases, tagging of records, query/report from one wiki page about others, e.g. a list or table or chart summarizing them
  • Semantic MediaWiki is a more advanced/complicated set of extensions for that too, oriented more towards RDF triples
  • Ansible, puppet, vagrant -- for lower level system admin to run wiki farms effectively
  • Lua -- a programming language on the wiki, stored in wiki pages, which can help control output on wiki pages (and more? input forms?)