User:Diwanshipandey/OPW February Report


Completing media wiki API development course on codecademy[edit]

February 2014[edit]


  • With the help of guidelines by codecademy, Splitted the Course into two different Courses.
  • Completed Courses: Introduction to Wikipedia API and Wikipedia:Query API
  • Postponing Editing/Modifying module until and unless we have some better and easy way to demo it.
  • Blog

Week 1 ( DEC 31 - JAN 6 )[edit]


  • Look into python script(given by Yuri ) for editing.


Feb 1 - Feb 5 : Took a break. Travelling to New Delhi for sisters engagement.
Feb 6 : Looked into the Python script.
Feb 7 : Tried to manipulate and implement the script for our editing tutorial but didn't work out.

Week 2 ( Feb 8 - Feb 14 )[edit]


  • Postpone the editing module for now.
  • Finalize the query and parse module and give for review.


Feb 8 : Got a Response from codecademy saying "we create courses for beginners so it should not exceed 30 exercises" and our course has 44 exercises excluding editing. Now thinking how to bifocate the exercises.
Feb 10 : As discussed by Yuri, we are going to make two courses one called Introduction to Wikipedia API and other one would be Wikipedia:Query API. So started working on that
Feb 11 : Created a course on codecademy "Introduction to Wikipedia API" started segregating the previous course's basic exercises into new one.
Feb 12 : Completed Parse Wiki section of the course "Introduction to Wikipedia API". Deciding which query tutorials should go in basic course and which in advanced
Feb 13 : Added a section Querying Wiki in which i have started including basic query tutorials
Feb 14 & Feb 15 : Was attending a 2day event Gnunify 2014 organized by SICSR,Pune as a Speaker of Open Source,Open Web and Mozilla:Webmaker

Week 3 ( Feb 16 - Feb 22 )[edit]


  • Complete the segregation of the previously made course in codecademy.
  • Submit for Review.


Feb 17 : Working on Querying wiki section of the new course
Feb 18 : Completed the first course which includes Basic Parsing and Querying Wiki aspects
Feb 19 : Created another course "Wikipedia:Query API" and made 3 sections for Lists,Props and Meta. Started with adding Query API tutorials into this one
Feb 20 : Completed Query Lists tutorials and started adding Query Prop tutorials
Feb 21 : Completed Query Prop and Query Meta Tutorials
Feb 22 : Submitted the courses for review on codecademy.

Link to the Courses[edit]

Week 4 ( Feb 24 - Feb 28 )[edit]


  • Blog about the work done in 3 weeks
  • Collect feedback of the courses.


Feb 24 : Reviewing the Submission Correctness Test(SCT) of exercises.
Feb 25 : Just noticed that 2-3 exercises need proper instructions. Made the changes
Feb 26 : Starting to collect the feedback on exercises. Mail sent on mailing lists: Wikitech I and mediwiki api
Feb 27 : Posted a blog on three weeks work. Sorry for late this time. :(
Feb 28 : With the help of another OPW intern Anu Enchakal learning to create a mediawiki instance.