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Complete the MediaWiki development course at Codecademy

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Complete the MediaWiki development course at Codecademy[edit]

Name and contact information[edit]

Name: Diwanshi Pandey
IRC or IM networks/handle(s):diwanship
Time zone:UTC+05:30
Typical working hours: 10AM - 5PM


The project is about completing the media wiki development course on Code Academy and also enhancing the course.

  • The Primary goal of the project is to develop instructional materials to teach students to use Wikimedia API. Currently the course shows only rudimentary API usage. What needs to be done is significantly more sections, better explanations and tests/walkthroughs for students to complete.
  • The secondary goal of the project is that the tutorial does not need to cover all options (there are too many of them), but should get students started with the basic usage scenarios for most of the common tasks API users expect.

Information Courtesy:Yuri Astrakhan


My work is straight and need simultaneous testing and input/modification validations.There are no specific phases of my project. Also my timeline depends upon the number of APIs we choose to implement in codeacademy. Timelines: 1.) Choose Important common media wiki APIs out of 76 Deadline: Before 10th December 2013. 2.) Start Creating exercises with more sections and comments for different aspects of API and also validating user/student’s input. Deadline : Before mid week of February 2014. 3.) Testing if all the courses are working fine or modifications/input by students are properly validated or not. Deadline: Before 5th March 2014.

About you[edit]

I am pursuing my final year of full 3 years course of Masters in Computer Applications(MCA) from University of Pune,India. I have a good knowledge of C,C++ and JAVA also in scripting languages HTML5,CSS3,PHP,JavaScript. I have recently worked on college project "Student Tracking System" which is developed in PHP,Javascript,HTML and CSS. I believe in "Learning by Teaching" and I follow e-Learning. That is the reason i am applying for this project to tutor students who are interested in API usage in more interactive manner so that they can easily grasp the API concept of Wikimedia.


Work Style[edit]

My work style depends upon the project. For this Project my work is to create courses on codeacademy related to media wiki API, Hence My perspective of the project will be from user's side (like what APIs user expects to learn about and user-friendliness).


I prefer to communicate through Project page,IRC channels,e-mails, mailing lists.

Source Code[edit]

As I will be creating courses for media wiki API on codeacademy, my source code would be available on codeacademy only.


I will be asking for help to my mentor if i can't get it from IRCs and mailing lists.IRC and mailing lists are best way to communicate in my opinion as everybody can collaborate and I could get an answer more quickly.

Past open source experience[edit]

As a User[edit]

I have been using many products by Mozilla but specifically I use Mozilla: Webmaker. Webmaker provides three tools (Thimble, Popcorn maker and X-ray goggles) with the mission of spreading web literacy worldwide. As a developer I always wanted Thimble to support JavaScript which Thimble now supports.

Some thimble makes[edit]


As a Contributor[edit]

I really liked the concept of webmaker so started contributing to it by spreading the word about it in different colleges and organizing MakerParties (webmaker workshops). Also by Creating different templates which can be modified by other users and publish it. And now I am a Official Webmaker Mentor.
Event Page: https://webmaker.org/events/703