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Nithin P Saji
Student, Bits Pilani,Pilani,India

About me

I am Nithin P Saji, a third year undergraduate student from Bits Pilani, India pursuing dual degrees in Physics and Computer Science.I love technology and how it enhances our lives. I love reading all kinds of stuff, fiction and non fiction , tech, philosophy and also project documentations.

My work

I like tinkering with my Linux box and do a bit of web programming with python,ruby,php and javascript. I also write Java,c++ and c for university projects.

Contact me

I am diadara on freenode you can find me on #silpa,#smc-project or #mediawiki-dev.I am diadara on github .You can mail me on nithin111[at]gmail[dot]com if you like

GSOC Application

I plan to apply for gsoc 2013 with MediaWiki for working on jquery.ime project. I saw this project while going through another organisation smc.I added it to their page and hopefully show up in the next build.I felt that Jquery.ime is a great idea and there is rooms for improvements.Currently I am working on a proposal and I will put it here soon.

--Diadara536 (talk) 17:00, 18 April 2013 (UTC)