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I got really bored one day so I decided to make a bunch of templates to be used for like math and stuff. I tend to make it so that all the function names in the category have the same number of letters.

Math Functions[edit]


Binary Operations[edit]

I like to keep these functions three letters long.

Function Syntax Returns
Add {{User:Deo_Favente/Add|num1|num2}} num1 + num2
Subtract {{User:Deo_Favente/Sub|num1|num2}} num1 - num2
Multiply {{User:Deo_Favente/Mul|num1|num2}} num1 * num2
Divide {{User:Deo_Favente/Div|num1|num2}} num1 / num2
Power {{User:Deo_Favente/Pow|num1|num2}} num1 ^ num2
Root {{User:Deo_Favente/Rot|num1|num2}}


the num2 root of num1

the 2nd (square) root of num1

Unary Operations[edit]

Function Syntax Returns
Reciprocol {{User:Deo_Favente/Recip|num1}} 1 / num1
Unary Negation {{User:Deo_Favente/Neg|num1}} 0 - num1
Exp {{User:Deo_Favente/Exp|num1}} e ^ num1


Constant Syntax Returns
E {{User:Deo_Favente/E}} 2.718281828459045235360287471352662497757247093699959574966
Pi {{User:Deo_Favente/Pi}} 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974


All angles are in radians

Function Arc Co Sin Tan Sec Hyp Syntax Returns
Sine X {{User:Deo_Favente/Sin|num1}}
Cosine X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Cos|num1}}
Tangent X {{User:Deo_Favente/Tan|num1}}
Cosecant X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Csc|num1}} 1 / Sin num1
Secant X {{User:Deo_Favente/Sec|num1}} 1 / Cos num1
Cotangent X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Cot|num1}} 1 / Tan num1
Hyperbolic Sine X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Sinh|num1}} (exp num1 - exp -num1) / 2
Hyperbolic Cosine X X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Cosh|num1}} (exp num1 + exp -num1) / 2
Hyperbolic Tangent X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Tanh|num1}} Sinh num1 / Cosh num1
Hyperbolic Cosecant X X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Csch|num1}} 1 / Sinh num1
Hyperbolic Secant X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Sech|num1}} 1 / Cosh num1
Hyperbolic Cotangent X X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Coth|num1}} 1 / Tanh num1
Versine X {{User:Deo_Favente/Vers|num1}} Not Cos num1
Coversine X X {{User:Deo_Favente/Cover|num1}} Not Sin num1

Logic Gates[edit]

I try to keep these functions three letters long. These functions take any number from 0 to 1 and logically produce and number from 0 to 1, for computing probability. If their input is only 0 and 1, then they will only produce 0 or 1, for digital logic. I build my logic gates off of And and Not, since those seem to come out as the most primitive in mediawiki.

Function Syntax Returns
And {{User:Deo_Favente/And|num1|num2}} num1 * num2
Not {{User:Deo_Favente/And|num1}} 1 - num1
Or {{User:Deo_Favente/Or|num1|num2}} num1 + num2 - (num1 and num2)
Nand {{User:Deo_Favente/Nand|num1|num2}} not (num1 and num2)
Nor {{User:Deo_Favente/Nor|num1|num2}} not (num1 or num2)
Xor {{User:Deo_Favente/Xor|num1|num2}} (not num1 and num2) or (num1 and not num2)
Xnor {{User:Deo_Favente/Xnor|num1|num2}} (num1 nand num2) or (num1 and num2)

Got to cover everything!

Function Syntax Returns
True {{User:Deo_Favente/True}} 1
False {{User:Deo_Favente/False}} not 1

Formatting Functions[edit]


Provide a color name and get a hex value!

Function Syntax Description
X11 Colors {{User:Deo_Favente/Palette|X11|colorname}} Your favorite X11 colors! Give them just like in rgb.txt or in english (Sentence case, separate words and numbers with spaces). 502 colors in total.

Click to View Colors

Open Office Colors {{User:Deo_Favente/Palette|OO|colorname}} The colors that come with Open Office. Right now it only includes the colors that are configured on my computer but i want to add all the colors open office used at any time on any computer. 106 colors in total.

Click to View Colors

Sun Colors {{User:Deo_Favente/Palette|SUN|colorname}} More open office colors. Includes some colors used by sun microsystems. 51 colors in total.

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