User:Cwells/Manual:Preview/Overview of basic steps to building a MediaWiki


This page will cover some of the basic steps to take/consider when building a MediaWiki wiki.

Basic Steps for Setting up a MediaWiki Website[edit]

  1. Define Purpose (required)
    • Publicly accessible?
    • Internally accessible only?
  2. Select Deployment Platform (required)
    • Operating System (Linux, Windows) ?
    • Web Server (Apache, IIS) ?
    • Database (MySQL) ?
  3. Install MediaWiki (required)
  4. Configure MediaWiki (required)
    • Global Wiki Settings
    • User Permissions
  5. Install MediaWiki Extensions (recommended)
  6. Read the MediaWiki FAQ (recommended)
  7. Content (required)
    • Define Content
    a. Pages
    b. Properties
    c. Templates
    d. Forms
    e. classes (requires Semantic MediaWiki extension(s))
    • Add Content
    a. Main_Page
    b. About
    c. etc..
  8. Include Social Media Widgets (optional, requires the Widgets extension)
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Google Maps
    • etc..
  9. Add Useful Tools (optional)
  10. Apply Important Features (recommended)

Cwells 18:43, 10 December 2010 (UTC)