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LChats is a chat for users to have fun and receive help in their preferred language. In order to provide the best possible experience for all visitors, we have listed a set of guidelines below which each user should follow.

Please note that the rules apply to all chat elements and are subject to change.

Other languages:

العربية • ‎bosanski • ‎dansk • ‎English • ‎español • ‎français • ‎italiano • ‎polski • ‎português do Brasil • ‎română • ‎shqip • ‎svenska • ‎ไทย • ‎Tagalog • ‎Türkçe

1. All languages ​​are allowed. [Expand 1]

2. Helping is the top priority. [Expand 2]

3. Be respectful and do not harass or discriminate. [Expand 3]

4. Do not share inappropriate content. [Expand 4]

5. Do not share non-creative content or web pages. [Expand 5]

6. Do not impersonate other users. [Expand 6]

7. Do not ask for a greater range. [Expand 7]

8. Do not ask or ask for free products. [Expand 8]

9. Spam is not allowed. [Expand 9]

10. The use of power size and Big is restricted. [Expand 10]

11. Ask and respond to assistance in a way cuts.[Expand 11]

12. False information, or false reports can result in a ban. [Expand 12]

13. Selling or trading is not allowed, with some exceptions. [Expand 13]

14. Do not interrupt the operation of the chat. [Expand 14]

15. Do not joke, post insulting comments or make dramas. [Expand 15]

16. All visitors must use a name of a reasonable length or size. [Expand 16]

17. Do not discuss hacking or related activities. [Expand 17]

18. Providing insincere or ineffective help is not allowed. [Expand 18]

19. Making fun of other users for buying xat products, or wishing to gain a rank, is not allowed. [Expand 19]

20. Moderators and Owners have the final say when rating offensive material. [Expand 20]

21. Obey LChats Terms of Service. [Expand 21]

Staff Information

A complete reason is required for each kick. Moderators need to always include a reason to expel. The only exception is when you expel raid bots or when a user is returning to the room after being expelled.

If a bot raid is occurring, use the protect / p mode. If it fails, use the / pr mode.

If a user breaks a rule while asking for help, have more tolerance with these than with others who are in the chat just to talk about topics in general.

It includes information about the rule violated when kicking someone, so users can correct their behavior. Do not give just one guideline and expect them to understand what they are doing wrong.

No one should be expelled if the user leaves the room but would normally be kicked for the offense committed.

Users are allowed to test combinations of smileys to a minimum as long as it is not a nuisance for the chat.

Unprofessional behavior in other chats may put you at risk of being dropped into Chat. This is taken into account on a case-by-case basis.

You must be active to maintain your position. Activity is measured on the basis of connecting frequently, not by events that have been recorded.

Check with someone of equal or greater rank when lowering someone. In case of clear abuses, you can download it immediately.

Do not expel for extended periods of time for insignificant reasons. A one-day expulsion does not have to be fair by violating all the rules. Think carefully about what is fair and appropriate.

Owners can not put "Mute" people for insignificant things (like Smile Spam)

Do not kick users that are expelled unless they are giving you a quick click.

Although Owners' primary responsibility is to make staff assist effectively, and to enforce the rules, owners are required to help as well.

The bans given by the bot must be verified. If the user needs help, it can be considered unbundling.

Moderators need to show evidence for violations that occur in a moderator's private chat.

All staff members are encouraged to keep the application open if possible since it would greatly increase the efficiency of finding inappropriate messages and providing assistance when a user is not able to speak English or the staff members' language.

Owners can make members when they feel the user has earned it. Although it is not a requirement, it is recommended to consult other owners before doing so.

Owners should ranklock to user to guest if that breaks a rule and is sometimes a temporary moderator.

If you are away or busy, please move to the staff pool. This will allow the bot to make moderators more accurately based on need.
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