User:Catrope/Weekly reports/2011-12-12

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Monday December 12[edit]

  • AFTv5
  • Helped Niklas with deployment issues during i18n deployment

Tuesday December 13[edit]

  • VisualEditor
  • AFTv5
    • Did more code review
  • Added CORS support for static files to fix WebFonts bug [1]

Wednesday December 14[edit]

  • 20%
  • AFTv5
    • Enabled clicktracking UDP logging and disabled DB logging
    • More code review
    • Deployed to enlabs
  • Reviewed and deployed feedback dashboard updates (MoodBar extension)

Thursday December 15[edit]

Friday December 16[edit]

  • AFTv5
    • Reviewed latest changes and deployed to enlabs
    • Fixed SQL error (r106428)
  • Backfilled weekly report for the past 2 weeks
  • Fixed AFTv4 configuration on en.labs

Saturday December 17[edit]

  • 20%
    • Found the cause of the LocalisationUpdate failures, and noticed puppet failures. Submitted fixes ([4], [5], [6], [7])
    • Brought LocalisationUpdate documentation on wikitech up to date
  • RL2
    • Reviewed r103276, r104880
    • Reported two bugs in the gadget manager
    • Split out Salvatore's GadgetPrefs tests from the rest of the Gadgets test suite (r106524, r106525)
    • Started writing a test suite for the new backend (r106531)