User:Catrope/Weekly reports/2011-11-07

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Tuesday November 8[edit]

Wednesday November 9[edit]

  • Fixed bug 30882, bug 29591 (again) (r102545 and bug 32256 (r102537)
  • Reviewed AFT revision r102426 and got Greg to redo it properly
  • RL2
  • Visual editor
    • Wrote test cases for committing an insertion that inserts a paragraph break (r102564) and started working on making it pass
    • Fixed a bug in selectNodes() that I ran into while trying to make the paragraph break tests pass (r102574)

Thursday November 10[edit]

  • Visual editor
    • Finished rewriting remove() such that the test cases I added yesterday pass (r102663)
    • Changed and fixed things elsewhere to make the above possible (r102651, r102653, r102655, r102660)

Friday November 11[edit]

Saturday November 12[edit]

  • Fixed bug 32374
  • Investigated TitleBlacklist/CentralAuth-related breakage on kwwiktionary (similar to what happened on nsowiki earlier)
  • RL2
    • Added core support so extensions can add maintenance scripts to the updater list (r102849)
    • Made the gadget migration script run only once and added it to the updater list (r102850). Same for the gadgetpagelist table population script (r102852)
    • Made the gadget migration script move subpages too (r102854)
    • Imported the gadgets from and meta into the rl2-repo1 prototype wiki
    • Fix a bunch of bugs I discovered while performing the imports (r102855, r102856, r102857, r102858, r102859)