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Monday September 26[edit]

  • Feedback dashboard
  • Deployed stuff
    • i18n deploy
    • 1.17wmf1 changes for MoodBar forward compat
    • 1.18wmf1 merges
    • Protocol-relative URLs on all wikis. Caused a weird issue with copyright texts that broke the Nagios check for the mobile gateway and took forever to track down

Tuesday September 27[edit]

  • Dealt with some fall-out of yesterday's protocol-relative URL deploy and 1.18 deploy, including a bug in WikiLove (bug 31180, r98216)
  • Random fire-fighting together with the ops people
  • Deployed experimental ArticleFeedback counter drift fix and cleaned up corrupted rows. Couldn't verify completely yet due to Toolserver outage
  • Fixed 1.18/prot rel fallout bugs: bug 31192 (r98237) and bug 22407 (r98242, r98246)
  • Cloned the HTTPSEverywhere git repo and started a branch in which I changed the WMF ruleset to use the soon-to-be-enabled https URLs rather than Published on github.

Wednesday September 28[edit]

  • Hacked up a workaround so the action=parse API doesn't use protocol-relative URLs for links and images (r98305, r98308, r98310, announcement on mailing list)
  • Trevor talked me through the visual editor design and code structure on the phone
  • Trevor, Neil and I talked on the phone while benchmarking a proposed array-based data structure
  • Did a bit of WikiDOM work at Trevor's direction: implemented flattening of a WikiDOM to a linear model (r98382), worked with Trevor to redesign the WikiDOM data structure on Etherpad and migrated the example WikiDOM to the new structure (r98383)

Thursday September 29[edit]

Friday September 30[edit]

  • Addressed the fixme on rr96978 (r98502)
  • Did some Translate review
  • Investigated disk space usage on Apaches because Peter asked, cleared old files in /tmp cluster-wide
  • Fixed bug in API iOS bug workaround
  • Chased and fixed some bugs after Ryan deployed the HTTPS changes

Saturday October 1[edit]

  • Started making all URLs used on the portal pages protocol-relative
  • Set up prototype wikis for RL2

Sunday October 2[edit]

  • Finished making all URLs used on the portal pages protocol-relative
  • Tracked down a fatal in LiquidThreads and deployed the fix (r98704)
  • Fixed HTTPS bug 31293 (r98707, r98716, r98718, r98720) and deployed the fixes
  • Fixed a MobileFrontend fatal (r98727)