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Monday August 29[edit]

  • Mostly worked on HTTPS: made WMF-deployed extensions protocol-relative-URL-proof. Core had been done last week (r95651, r95652, r95653, r95656, r95659, r95663)
  • Tried to debug segmentation faults on the cluster by configuring Apache to produce core dumps. Hit a few snags and eventually gave up, because I couldn't get it to work properly and didn't feel like spending more time on it. Details in server admin log
  • Fixed extension breakage caused by my fix for bug 29246 (r95674)
  • Wrote up draft presentation proposal for WCN 2011, agreed to discuss with Timo on Tuesday
  • Guided Neil through the UploadWizard / Wiki Loves Monuments deployment
  • Deployed Narayam bug fixes

Tuesday August 30[edit]

  • RL2 work at the WMNL office in Utrecht
    • Created Gadget definition: namespace and made the gadget table mirror the contents of pages in that namespace (r957694, r95768, r95786, r95787)
    • Added the ability for extensions to make pages immovable to MediaWiki core, needed for the Gadget definition: namespace (r95753, r95756)
    • Other RL2 backend work (r95740, r95747, r95749, r95750, r95751)
    • Submitted WCN proposal after Timo signed off on it
  • Scheduled deployments for Wednesday: UploadWizard, MoodBar (maybe) and HTTPS.
  • Got Ryan to schedule UDP logger setup for Wednesday
  • Agreed with Timo and Siebrand to come into the WMNL office again on Thursday

Wednesday August 31[edit]

  • Received e-mail from Alolita asking me to write these reports, reverse-engineered reports for Monday and Tuesday
  • Addressed code review comments on r95663 (HTTPS fix from Monday; addressed in r95885) and r95753 (RL2 commit from Tuesday; addressed in r95856){{
  • Reviewed and tested Timo's RL2 commits from yesterday
  • Disabled statistics generation for the account creation improvement project because Lennart said he didn't need them any more
  • Random bits of code review: r95586, r95605, r95582, r95631, r79941, r95714, r95573, r95578, r95572 (that last one was huge)
  • UploadWizard bugfix review and deployment
  • WikimediaIncubator fixes deployment
  • HTTPS fixes deployment, fixed a bug pointed out in Brion's CR
    • Ryan deployed HTTPS to and Commons. Agreed to deploy to meta on Monday, will schedule later
  • MoodBar deployment
  • Debugged issue with Arabic translation in UploadWizard not updating
    • Tracked it down to LocalisationUpdate
    • Fixed error that caused LU to never update messages for LiquidThreads, was a bug but not causing the one I was looking for
    • Fixed permissions issues that occurred when running LU by hand
    • Filed RT ticket about permissions issues (RT #1406)
    • Agreed with Ryan that I would fix some parts of the LU setup on Friday, then document everything in RT so he can puppetize it
  • Looked into some OOM errors that I thought came from ResourceLoader, but didn't. Included a goose chase to find the wmerrors logs
    • Planned to document wmerrors stuff on wikitech on Friday

Thursday September 1[edit]

Friday September 2[edit]

Slow day due to exhaustion from yesterday's 10-hour work day plus 200-mile drive :)

  • Filed RT ticket for fenari breakage discovered by Sam
  • Moved LocalisationUpdate setup on the cluster from hume to fenari and documented the new setup on wikitech
  • Helped Peter work around an issue with how MediaWiki interacts with the new version of libxml2 in lucid (XML_PARSE_HUGE)
  • Fixed i18n issue with UploadWizard (spaces in Arabic text breaking stuff)
  • Reviewed Ryan's commit of his maintenance script live hack (for HTTPS) and merged it to trunk
  • Tried to fix SSH key issue with the new LocalisationUpdate setup, came up with a solution but needed to run it by Tim. Decided to do so on Monday
  • Scheduled HTTPS deployment to meta for Tuesday
  • Documented wmerrors on wikitech as promised
  • Deployed fix for UploadWizard bug 30696 because someone asked me nicely

Saturday September 3[edit]

Attended Wiki Takes Leeuwarden (a Wiki Loves Monuments event) on my own time.

Sunday September 4[edit]