User:BDavis (WMF)/Notes/Labs-vagrant


Yuvi has been working on a setup that allows using the wikimedia-vagrant puppet config on labs instances. This is AWESOME so I'm trying it out to wring out some of the bugs.


  1. Login to wikitech
  2. Create a new instance
    1. Go to wikitech:Special:NovaInstance
    2. Click 'Add instance'
    3. Click 'Labs Projectadmins > Manage Instances' in the left sidebar
    4. Name your instance (my-new-instance used as example below)
    5. The default values are probably good for everything else
    6. Click submit
    7. Refresh wikitech:Special:NovaInstance until you see "ACTIVE"
  3. Make sure you can log in
    1. ssh my-new-instance.eqiad.wmflabs
  4. Install labs-vagrant via ops-puppet role
    1. Actions > configure on right side of your instance's row on
    2. Enable role::labs::vagrant checkbox
    3. Submit
    4. ssh my-new-instance.eqiad.wmflabs
    5. sudo puppet agent --test --verbose
  5. Use labs-vagrant to setup your wiki
    1. sudo labs-vagrant list-roles
    2. sudo labs-vagrant enable-role some-role-name
    3. sudo labs-vagrant provision
      • Get a cup of coffee or troll on irc while it runs for the first time :)
  6. Go to Special:NovaProxy, click 'Add proxy' and enter a DNS hostname, say <hostname>
  7. View your new wiki at http://<hostname>/wiki/
  8. Profit!