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This is a proposal and does not work.

See also brion's post on this.

  • Move upload logics out of UploadForm: This will allow the API and extensions to easily upload files.
  • Multiple customizable upload forms via Special:Upload/ownwork, etc.

Upload class[edit]

  • Abstract upload baseclass
    • Subclass UploadFromUpload
    • Subclass UploadFromLink
    • Subclass UploadFromImport (cross wiki import)


SpecialUpload => new UploadForm => new UploadFromUpload => RepoGroup::singleton()->getLocalRepo()->findFile()->upload()

Customizable form[edit]

Special:Upload/ownwork will get its data via MediaWiki:Upload-ownwork. Example file:

* label|filename
* file|
* label|author
* text|author
* label|license
* selectbox|licenses
* label|description
* textbox|description

Will create a form with a file input box an author input box and a license selector. The label will be fetched from [[MediaWiki:Upload-ownwork-<label name>/langcode]]. Similarly the license select box will be constructed. Then after upload all this will be transformed using MediaWiki:Upload-ownwork-template which uses {{{template parameters}}} to transform this into something nice:


Modify the text below the upload form[edit]

Edit MediaWiki:Uploadtext

Other stuff[edit]