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Trust and Safety Tools/Projects/Safety Survey

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The Community Safety survey is an initiative to measure and understand safety perception across wiki communities. It is being conducted in response to an idea proposed in the community-led drafting committee's enforcement outline for the UCoC to strengthen local community self-governance, specifically: "We recommend that the Foundation work to create a system where contributors can safely express whether they feel safe in a particular project or not." More information around the research methodologies used for the survey will be available in early 2022 on the Community Safety survey page. The Foundation is planning to deploy this first version of the survey in late 2021 or early 2022. As this is the first time such a survey is being conducted, we will use the feedback collected to also inform on possible improvements to both the survey as well as on the technical infrastructure side.

Project details[edit]

Example of a safety survey displayed above the info box on English Wikipedia
Example of a safety survey displayed above the info box on English Wikipedia


We are using QuickSurveys as a survey distribution infrastructure.

Target users

We aim to survey a random sample of logged-in contributors with 5+ edits on 5 major wikis of the Wikimedia projects. A list of these wikis will be provided.

Testing the survey

A test survey will be run on 2 wikis initially to collect feedback about the survey.

Survey details

  • Survey will be distributed to a random sample of logged-in users based on the number of edits.
  • Survey will be visible to you only. Other contributors will not know who has seen or taken the survey.
  • The survey will be shown on wiki in the main namespace.
  • One question with a yes/no/unsure answer will be displayed.
  • Users will be able to opt-out of taking the survey.
  • The survey will continue to appear for the user until they reply or dismiss.
  • Submissions are anonymous and the data collected will be handled privately via EventLogging.

Projected timeline[edit]

The Trust and Safety Tools team needs to have the survey deployed before the end of the year. Our work on this project will centre around having the survey up and running and will also include some small QuickSurveys bug fixes/improvements that are needed in order for the survey to be displayed properly.

13 - 19 Dec 2021 (Week 6)

  • Team is continuing the test in beta for ca.WP and discovering/fixing bugs.
  • Production testing for both ca.WP and fa.WP is planned for January 2022

6 -12 Dec 2021 (Week 5)

  • ca.WP test survey has been pushed to beta cluster: phab:T296655

29 Nov - 5 Dec 2021 (Week 4)

  • The team is preparing to run two survey tests: ca.WP and fa.WP. The survey will be first pushed to beta cluster.

22 - 28 Nov 2021 (Week 3)

  • We have now deployed the opt-out feature for internal surveys and are preparing to run a functional test survey to ensure everything is working as intended

15 - 21 Nov 2021 (Week 2)

  • Team is continuing work on the opt-out feature getting it ready for QA
  • Identified a bug that randomly changes the order and selection of answers when trying to submit an answer: phab:T295681
  • Team is investigating whether QuickSurveys can work with Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons (both have been identified as possible options for the initial 5 wikis the survey will be displayed on):
  • Discussions around possible approaches to question wording: phab:T294556
  • Also having discussions around the thank you message: phab:T295471, phab:T294363 and adding a more information pop-up next to privacy statement to provide more context to users: phab:T294354.

8 – 14 Nov 2021 (Week 1)

  • Team is working on building an opt-out feature for internal surveys, as this is not currently available in QuickSurveys: phab:T184760.
  • Part of the opt-out feature work, we fixed a bug that was showing a thank you message when dismissing a survey: phab:T292555
  • Team is also performing design explorations for the safety survey on-wiki display: phab:T292416, phab:T294127. Part of this is aligning QuickSurveys with the Wikimedia Style Guide: phab:T291567

Related information[edit]