Translation UX/Participate


Thanks for choosing to participate in the Translation UX Improvement Project. Your feedback is highly valuable and helps improving the future experience of translators of open source projects.

Volunteer for a usability testing session[edit]

Any proposed design or idea is tested with existing users of the system to understand problems or difficulties the redesign might pose. The best way of doing this is to conduct usability test sessions with volunteers.

What happens in a test?[edit]

The user is given prototypes of the proposed design and asked to accomplish a simple task using it. The designer will observe how easily a user is able to perform the task using the given prototypes and what difficulties were faced. The designs are then revised taking into considerations the observations of the test.

Will I be recorded?[edit]

Because we have to conduct the tests remotely, to understand how a user interacts with a prototype, we will need to do record your screen movements through screenshare and also your voice feedback. A webcam is not required.

A video of your screen and voice interactions will be compiled for internal documentation.

How long does this take?[edit]

A test session is limited to 1 hour at maximum. The test activities itself will only take 20-30 minutes to perform. Due to initial connection and network issues, it is best to keep 1 hour reserved for this.

What software do I need?[edit]

The test sessions will be conducted using Google+ hangout, due to its ease of use and features. A hangout will be created and you will be provided with the link through email/skype 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

The google hangout plugin will be installed automatically in your browser and the video chat should begin. A google mail id will be required. In case you do not wish to use google+, skype can be used instead.

Are the tests fun?[edit]

This is your chance to provide your inputs on designs of interfaces that you will use in the future. If you have opinions on how your life can be made simpler, these tests will be both interesting and fun.

Do not feel pressured. We are testing the prototypes, not you as a user. So feel free to make any mistake or comment on anything that comes to your mind about the prototypes. Prototypes lack most of the functionality so if something is not working as expected is very likely not your fault.

How do I volunteer for the test?[edit]

You can sign up on this form or send a mail to indicating your interest to participate.

Test scheduling[edit]

Members from the design team will get back to you if they find you are a suitable candidate and send you a initial test invitation for 7pm (local time). You are free to suggest a different time/day according to your preference.

Because preparation of the design prototypes have to be made before a test, please make rescheduling or cancellation requests in advance so that backup testers can be contacted.

Discuss with the designers[edit]

You can go through the progress of the project, documents and proposals on the project page Translation UX. You can discuss on individual talk pages or send your feedback directly to: