Translation UX/Design feedback 8

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Test with user #R2 on Feb 26[edit]

Test with a Bengali user.

Translate workflow[edit]

  • Delay in "save translation" enablement caused confusion, it seems not possible to save the translation. Reported as Bug 45488
  • The input method selection is not persistent, so the user is forced to set the input method for each translation again and again. Reported as Bug 45490.
  • The user seems hesitant when looking for the way to change to a different group. This may be because the "all" part of the breadcrumb that was appearing at the end, now appears to the right. This is related to the inconsistencies in breadcrumbs already reported.


  • When the user changes to the proofread mode, and the provided list of messages is not consistent with the filtering (the buttons at the bottom were also wrong but that is already solved).
    • The proofreading mode should probably trigger a change of filter to activate the "translated" filter. In general, changing automatically filters may led to problems, but in this case I think it makes sense since most of the time you want to proofread the completed translations (and sporadically change to all to see the remaining gaps). Reported as Bug 45494
  • When using the proofread mode there is a need for clarifying the following aspects:
    • First-time use. First time users heed to discover the purpose of te proofreading tools. Although their guesses are most of the time right, adding a tooltip to better guide them the first time may be helpful as proposed in the spec. Reported as Bug 45540.
    • Identification of markers. Especially in the disabled state the proofread mark seems hard to identify. I'll adjust size and colors of marks.
    • Better feedback for actions. Making the feedback a bit more prominent when the user makes an action may make the user more aware of the current status. I propose to briefly show a "proofread" label next to the proofread mark that disappears after some seconds. Reported as Bug 45541
    • No way to undo. Users are not able to undo their own proofreading marks. Reported as Bug 45542
  • When compared with the proofread prototype, the user likes the idea of using a format closer to the final result (view recording). The idea is to have some minimal parsing of headers in wikitext so the side-by-side views (page and proofread) show better the document hierarchy. Reported as Bug 45548
  • In the prototype the user thinks that it is strange that editing a message do not affect the review status. This also happens in the current implementation. When the user modifies a translation it should no longer be marked as proofread. Reported as Bug 45549


  • When filtering the list using the filter box for a specific word, and a different category filter is accessed (e.g., "all", "untranslated"...), the results are inconsistent: the filter info is still active ("1 result found") but the list contain all the messages in the selected category. Reported as Bug 45543
  • Filtering does not work for the user native language so the user is not able to filter the message list based on the translated text. Reported as Bug 45546
  • The user comments that the list UI is not optimal for comparing source and translated text. The ability to change between "list" and "page" views may solve this issue. Reported as Bug 45547

Advanced editor prototype[edit]

  • The user was able to discover and recognise the main help mechanism: insert suggestions and the word panel.
  • The panel view was preferred since it provides richer information and it was requested to include examples for greater clarification. At this point is not clear whether to move all the information from the insert buttons to the panel, or keep both. I'll update the prototype to figure out.


  • Facets should be activated by clicking anywhere in the facet row (not only the link) otherwise the user may click on the number and the facet is not applied. Reported as Bug 45554.