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Translation UX/Design feedback 6

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The goal of this round was to validate the latest additions of the translation workflow prototypes. It was a short round of tests planned for a couple of users.

Test Observations[edit]

Test with User #71 on 30 Jan[edit]

Translation workflow[edit]

  • User noticed and used the paste option.
  • The outdated warning was not shown when the user opened an outdated message from the list.
  • The user considers that it would be helpful to highlight the outdated part.
  • When modifying a translation, the user is interested in contacting the author of a translation. The user tried to look for such functionality in the "secondary action" dropdown (not yet available).
  • The user did not notices the group selector.
  • The user is confused after a translated message is opened since the save button disabled state is not clear.


  • Filters were not noticed initially.
  • The lin for all languages was missing.

Test with user #28 on 6 Feb[edit]

Translation workflow[edit]

  • The user did not initially noticed the project selector.
  • The user comments that the period of time for "recent messages" was not clear.
  • The user thinks by mistake that the list is short because didn't noticed more messages were loading.
  • The user skips translations by mistake. The save translation button was not noticed initially.
  • The user does not understand some technical messages (such as "%Y-%m-%d") to translate and skips them.
  • The user tries to add a suggestion by clicking on the suggestion block initially.


  • The user is able to search and filter in both source and target languages.
  • The user looks for a way to search for words in both source and target languages at the same time.


  • Elements were understood in general.
  • Search was considered to perform the search for user provided translations.

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