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thank you for ExternalRedirect

ThorstenStaerk (talkcontribs)


just wanted to thank you for the Mediawiki Extension ExternalRedirect, it works for me now.

I have a personal web page running on a Mediawiki where only I can edit, www.linuxintro.org

I am planning to migrate this to bingehacking.blogspot.com, but I want to migrate the sites one-by-one.

Google has linuxintro.org and points users there. To change the Google result, pages need to redirect using http 301 redirects.

Your extension makes this possible (have to check if it's a 301 redirect still :)

thanks again and best regards


2A01:C22:CDA8:1400:89FC:93FB:2F46:286A (talkcontribs)

thanks for your work on my contribution. True that you can do the changes in LocalSettings.php after require_once.

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