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Research paid contributors (cash bounty)

Fulldecent (talkcontribs)

Hello! I am researching paid contributors on English Wikipedia and need help with writing and executing a data query. I offering to pay USD 400 to someone that can complete this project (write and document query, execute query).

You may be able to do this on Quarry, but please also be prepared to download the full dataset (30TB) to make this happen.

The purpose

I'm looking to find all contributors on English Wikipedia that have contributed to living people articles and actually followed the rules. As a shortcut we can also find people that just used the recommended way of disclosing.

  1. Policy Wikipedia:Paid-contribution_disclosure summarizes: "... very strongly advises [paid] editors to both place the {{connected contributor (paid)}} template at the top of the talk page accompanying any paid contributions (and to fill in the parameters), and to supply a clearly visible list of their paid contributions on their main user page. The template {{paid}} can be used for this."

The query


  1. Select (page title, contributor name, most recent contribute date from this contributor to this page)...
  1. for all pages on English Wikipedia that have a "Living people" category link...
  2. that have a talk page with a "Connected_contributor_(paid)" template...
  3. for all contributors on that page with a "paid" template in their user page.


I have made minor progress on this, please see:

  1. Quarry 63059
  2. Quarry 63063

This narrows it down to just ~6000 articles. You may be able to just access those pages from the archives to accomplish the task.

The offer

This offer payment is valid for 30 days, until 2022-06-11 to the first person that completes this task DELIVERY, and claims in this chat thread to receive payment (also ping me at at in case I don't see it). This offer is valid only to people that are eligible to receive payment from the United States using PayPal.


Complete, reproducible instructions on how to execute this data project. If necessary, you can upload any scripts, etc. on GitHub. But please assume my mom is executing your instructions on a new MacBook (Xcode is not installed), and she can follow clear instructions but can barely use Excel.

In addition to the instructions, the actual data result.

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