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$egLoopsCountLimit vs. $egLoopsCounterLimit

Justin C Lloyd (talkcontribs)

Is there a difference between these two variables or is it possibly a bug that both exist? The extension.json file defaults LoopsCountLimit to 100 but there is no such setting for LoopsCounterLimit. Further, this commit shows a change of $egLoopsCounterLimit to $egLoopsCountLimit but leaves it alone in onParserLimitReportPrepare() at the bottom of the file.

This came up as I received a report from our editors that a certain page that uses Loops used to work fine but now it's reporting the maximum number of loops of 100 being performed despite having had $egLoopsCounterLimit set to 1000 for many years.

The wiki in question is running MW 1.35.3 with Loops 1.0.0-beta (cloned directly from Gerrit on August 17.

EDIT: As a test, I did just also increase $egLoopsCountLimit to 1000 on my dev wiki and it fixed the issue, so still just looking for clarification if there really are two variables or just one and this is a bug. The documentation is lacking with respect to this configuration.

Justin C Lloyd (talkcontribs)

I've opened Phabricator bug report T290577 on this.

Want (talkcontribs)

I use Loops 1.0.0-beta (9a3f34f) from 10. 7. 2020, 06:46 with MW 1.35.5 (last update 25. 1. 2022, 17:36), in template pages. It's my own replacement for tag <pages /> which provide Extension:Proofread_Page.

Using this template give enhanced features for me. Because I do singlepages from books with a 500 pages and more. It's reason for using default value of the variable $egLoopsCounterLimit 2600. For template use see here.

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