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HeaderTabs always fail after migration to 1.35

Urarku (talkcontribs)

I migrated Mediawiki to following versions:

MW: 1.35.2

SMW: 3.2.3

PageForms: 5.2.1

Skin Pivot: 2.3.0

PHP: 7.4.21

HeaderTabs: 1.3

It shows only the first Tab and the layout is screwed up. I checked the other posts in here but I think the problem is another one. Well, I am a newbie on SMW.

I get 2 errors in the javascript console:

Error: Unknown module: jquery.ui.tabs


Uncaught ReferenceError: wgNamespaceNumber is not defined


Does anyone have a clue where the problem could be. My intention was first that the problem could be the skin but also other skins show the same result.


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