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Ratepage Main votes widget bug

Pipsteer (talkcontribs)

I'm trying to insert a widget next to my page titles from within a template, to vote for the page itself.

Currently my call looks like:

{{#ratepage: {{FULLPAGENAME}} }}

However, the widget doesn't respond when clicking on it. If I change my widget call to vote in a contest:

{{#ratepage: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|Contest }}

It works fine...

Ostrzyciel (talkcontribs)

I just checked and... Ouch! You are right, this is currently broken. A fix should be simple, I'll look into this soon, maybe even today.

Thanks for the report! :)

Ostrzyciel (talkcontribs)

I made a patch, the issue should now be resolved on the master branch.

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