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I have read comments that want full screen and longer lines, the longest possible. Some have commented that shorter lines leave too much white space and pages for an article would be multiplied, not using up all the white space.

Okay, I don't understand this idea. Shorter lines mean more paragraphs and indents, again 'to make the reading easier on the eye', easier to rediscover if scrolling back looking for a paragraph, easier to locate the next line in the paragraph you are reading.

I just cannot understand how they are reading with their eyes seemingly so different from mine. Is it because I was raised reading top lit paper rather than back lit electronics. There have been studies of how the two are interpreted differently in the brain, but that young brains are being hardwired differently now.

Magazines have columns rather than full page width lines; newspapers, ditto; books published in landscape format (usually to accommodate many large photos) put pages with type often in two columns.

Does no one see the ease in this?

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