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Please explain what "upload module" means and please provide a clear list (!) of steps (!) to reproduce a problem.

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Please don't do unhelpful or non-productive comments like "Hi". For the OP, your question does not have enough information to help you. Please explain what type of file (what's the file extension) you are trying to upload and describe the issue in detail. What error messages do you recieve? Also, your site is completely down now, so this might be the least of your worries. When you get it running again, you should read the MediaWiki documentation for configuring various parts of Mediawiki. First file uploads have to be enabled before you can upload. Second can't upload just any file type to mediawiki, there are allowed file types. You should consult the manual on how to configure file uploads, in particular the section about Configuring file types:

Manual:Configuring file uploads

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