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Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

Hi! Module:Extension currently answers only if the value of |needs-updatephp= parameter in {{Extension}} is yes, with a comment that it’s unclear whether “no” needs to be explicitly stated. Despite of this uncertainty, you removed |needs-updatephp=No for example here and here with the edit comment “now loaded from extension.json”. While this is certainly not true in this form, I wonder if there has been a discussion deciding on removing such parameters in the meantime. If there was (where?), it should be reflected in the module comment and your edit comments; if there wasn’t, why do you remove the parameters?

Pppery (talkcontribs)

The current situation "certain extensions explicitly specify they don't need update.php to be run, whereas others do not" is clearly undesirable. I personally don't see the point of setting it to no; running update.php unnecessarily does no harm, and I suspect if a page is silent on whether it should be run, the typical uninformed user would not run it.

I believe I must have incorrectly interpreted that comment to mean that needs-updatephp=no is not supported at all, rather than not automatically specified. Either way, it should be auto-filled or not supported by the template at all (and I'm not aware of any discussion), rather than implemented ad hoc; the entire point of my edits was to avoid ad hoc duplication of data.

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