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Buman (talkcontribs)

MediaWiki 1.33.1

PHP 7.3.11 (cgi-fcgi)

MariaDB 10.3.17-MariaDB-1:10.3.17+maria~bionic

Wiki URL:

Still struggling with the upgrade to Mediawiki version1.33.1, I have been working my way trough numerous encoding challenges, e.g. as previously posted in this thread,

As it turned out, all my wiki-tables and table colums were latin1-encoded, which I have now changed into UTF8, followed by re-run of, which appeared to be successfull. It seemed to fix the problems I was having with links to page titles in non-ASCII characters in them. However moving on to more testing, I've now run into problems with the creation of new pages. I'm getting this error.

[56c4be9643fd5923025ffef4] /index.php?title=Teststide&action=submit MediaWiki\Revision\IncompleteRevisionException from line 425 of ../httpd.www/includes/Revision/RevisionStore.php: rev_page field must not be 0!


#0 ../httpd.www/includes/Revision/RevisionStore.php(493): MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStore->failOnEmpty(integer, string)
#1 ../httpd.www/includes/Storage/PageUpdater.php(1120): MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStore->insertRevisionOn(MediaWiki\Revision\MutableRevisionRecord, Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBConnRef)
#2 ../httpd.www/includes/Storage/PageUpdater.php(758): MediaWiki\Storage\PageUpdater->doCreate(CommentStoreComment, User, integer)
#3 ../httpd.www/includes/page/WikiPage.php(1914): MediaWiki\Storage\PageUpdater->saveRevision(CommentStoreComment, integer)
#4 ../httpd.www/includes/EditPage.php(2294): WikiPage->doEditContent(WikitextContent, CommentStoreComment, integer, boolean, User, string, array, integer)
#5 ../httpd.www/includes/EditPage.php(1586): EditPage->internalAttemptSave(array, boolean)
#6 ../httpd.www/includes/EditPage.php(687): EditPage->attemptSave(array)
#7 ../httpd.www/includes/actions/EditAction.php(60): EditPage->edit()
#8 ../httpd.www/includes/actions/SubmitAction.php(38): EditAction->show()
#9 ../httpd.www/includes/MediaWiki.php(499): SubmitAction->show()
#10 ../httpd.www/includes/MediaWiki.php(294): MediaWiki->performAction(Article, Title)
#11 ../httpd.www/includes/MediaWiki.php(865): MediaWiki->performRequest()
#12 ../httpd.www/includes/MediaWiki.php(515): MediaWiki->main()
#13 ../httpd.www/index.php(42): MediaWiki->run()
#14 {main}

Has anyone seen this before?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

The rev_page is a reference to the page_id from Manual:page table. It may be that, after your changes in the database, the auto_increment property of that field has been lost. You'll need to investigate if that's the case, which would cause a page with id 0 to be created.

Buman (talkcontribs)

Aha. You are right. I fixed the problem running


Not sure how this "accident" happened, though. Most likely I've ruined a number of foreign keys pointing to this primary key, as well. Guess I'll look into recent backup of my database to recover them.