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Trigger for creating new page

Tommyheyser (talkcontribs)

After I had installed the extension and added the parser function to an existing template that's used on a bunch of pages, new pages weren't being created as I had hoped. It turns out that new page creation isn't triggered until the page that contains the template is edited and saved (a null edit works), but purge (refresh) doesn't seem to trigger this. I hadn't read the instruction on GitHub, but it does mention this, just not on the MediaWiki extension page. I'm assuming this is because the name of the edit user is required so that the new page can be attributed to the same user.

Is it possible to trigger this somehow for multiple pages? I have 300+ pages that I'd like to use this on and not too thrill about null-editing 300+ pages. I could use ReplaceText on the pages, but I also have the ApprovedRevs extension installed, which means that I would then have to approve all the pages. I don't want to then use the mass approve script that comes with ApprovedRevs, since there are existing unapproved pages that I cannot approve (cannot as in I don't have the authorisation to approve those pages).

Edit: ReplaceText doesn't trigger the new page creation.

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