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MvGulik (talkcontribs)

As stated in my last post in the related tread: The "populateRevisionSha1" maintenance script needed to be run with the "--force" option.

How to apply that "--force" option I unfortunately can't tell you, as that part was done by the wiki sysop in question (and no data was shared on the practical side of this). (talkcontribs)

Thank you so far.

Second part of your answer - it´s a pity. I tried to run it but nothing happend.

so far I don´t know what to do.

MvGulik (talkcontribs)

Maybe the Manual:Maintenance_scripts (and its discussion) page might have some information that might help you on running maintenance scripts with additional options. If that's not doing it, drop in a question in that discussion page about how to do that. (remember. The more info you give, the better they(those that know) can help you.)

Good luck.

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