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Multiple carets, bug or feature?

AnonymusGdpr (talkcontribs)
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We are using CodeMirror for a few weeks now and rate it very useful. There is an odd phenomenon which I don't know whether it is intended:

  • Activate CodeMirror, place the caret (mouse cursor for text input) anywhere.
  • Move the mouse, press "Ctrl" and left-click. Now there are two carets.
  • This may be repeated several times.
  • Now when typing text, it'll be inserted multiple times at all of the caret locations!

It is a little bit cumbersome because (esp. if one has clumsy fingers like me) this happens often when insertig text via Copy&Paste; the "Ctrl+V" is executed and the oversensitive touchpad detects an additional "Ctrl+click".

Is it a bug or a feature?

I'm working with Firefox 62-something but it is also reproducible with Opera and Chrome, even if not logged in.

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