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Octahedron80 (talkcontribs)

It will be good if I can share the same customized signature on every wiki.

Samwilson (talkcontribs)
NKohli (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@Octahedron80 There's several ideas and concerns on the ticket. The main concern is that users might customize their signature such that the links don't work in other projects. For example [[Benutzer: Blah]] works perfectly on German wiki but won't on other wikis and explaining this to users will be challenging.

Feel free to participate in the discussion and provide your thoughts. Thank you. :)

Octahedron80 (talkcontribs)

That might not be problem if we can convince users to use magic word like [[{{ns:3}}:Duh]], or make a new shorter symbol like %t.

Stryn (talkcontribs)

There's no good reason why signatures should even be modifiable. It's good that in Structured Discussions you can't customize your signature because it's added automatically.

Octahedron80 (talkcontribs)

The reason is easy: they do not want to use default (boring) signature. It is off topic on Global Preferences though.

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