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I install CirrusSearch (0.2), Elastica (, Elasticsearch (5.6.9) according this instruction Extension:CirrusSearch

After then I try to search and search is working well.

But I create a new page in wiki and search not work. How to update index in ElasticSearch database? Is it auto or I need sometimes run maintence scripts from CirrusSearch for update index?

DCausse (WMF) (talkcontribs)

CirrusSearch uses the jobqueue to index live updates. The jobqueue may be configured in many different ways so it depends on how you configured it. I think the default behavior is to run jobs while there are visits on your wiki using DeferredUpdates. To see if it's because the jobqueue is not properly running jobs, try to run mwscript runJobs.php. It may be other problems in which case you would have to inspect your log files to find an indication of something that is not working well. Unfortunately without more information it's hard for us to help you. Good luck! (talkcontribs)

Manually running the runJobs.php solved this for me. I will need to do some testing to see if new content is getting picked up after manually running this script, and if I will look into debugging why it's not being run automatically.

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