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Jkatz (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Hey Dan and team - this is really nice and thanks for reaching out to us for feedback! I had some thoughts:

  • it seems like the current display doesn't have room for annotations, whether they be related to technical changes (like definitions), anomalies, or external events (we rolled out a new feature, a country blocked Wikipedia, etc). This seems like an important thing to have room for to me.
  • I think the bot/not bot distinction could be made clearer, particularly for pageviews, where the default assumption of 3rd party users is that bots are automatically excluded. Excluding bots should be the default behavior and noted somewhere
  • It seems like definitions of the various editing types would be really useful as well.
  • Some breakdowns that are valuable to external users that I don't see here: mobile/desktop, country
  • Question: is there room in the design to eventually accommodate new metrics that we want to promote as top-level health metrics, like visit frequency and time spent on site?
Milimetric (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Circling back to make sure we address everything:

  • opened a task for annotations - thanks for the reminder
  • we're talking over a change to exclude bots by default (just whether or not we should be able to toggle it back on if someone wants to see total pageviews)
  • there's a task to add labels and definitions of all the breakdowns and terms that don't make any sense to anyone but us
  • mobile/desktop is there now, country has its own "map" task that we're doing later, but in the meantime Erik's new country visualization is pretty awesome :)
  • Totally room in the design for all kinds of metrics. We have 9 top level metrics which we could customize per-wiki or per-project-family if we wanted. I think the metrics currently there are kind of boring and we can change them with new hotness, I'd prefer that. And the topic selector is always there to switch to any metric.
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