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Page refresh / update problem after upgrading MW from v1.24 to v1.28

Danielator (talkcontribs)


after upgrading our previous V1.24 MW to a new fresh 1.28, I notice that we need multiple browser refresh after a page modification, particularly noticeable on Template pages.

Installed software

MediaWiki v1.28.0 PHP v5.6.28 (fpm-fcgi)

MySQL v5.6.34

ICU v52.1

It's a private wiki on a private network.

has someone encountered this problem ?



MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

Job queue handling has changed and this is probably what causes the behavior you are seeing.

See the history section here: Manual:Job queue

Danielator (talkcontribs)

Thanks MarkAHershberge

you are right, it is a job problem.

Using the api's statistics I found more than 800 jobs waiting.

In a console, I ran the maintenance script "runJobs.php", it worked during 20s, while the jobs decreased in the statistics page, down to zero.

Now, sometime, the job counter stay non-zero, like if some jobs are stuck.

Is there a way to debug "jobs queuing", through logs ?

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

You should probably set up a cron job to run the job queue periodically.

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