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WikiVoyage PDF, books and maps

Ceever (talkcontribs)

Ciao Jkatz

If the following topics are not in your jurisdiction, could you point me to someone that can help me?

Getting to the point, I see the following shortcoming that should maybe resolved (noticed this on WikiVoyage):

  1. Rendering a PDF creates something weird like ?'"`UNIQ--maplink-00000000-QINU`"'? (see where before there was a embedded map in the wiki, e.g. see Amman#See.
  2. Furthermore, within a WikiVoyage article, for all listings that have a GPS entry, there appears a "1" in front of the entry when producing a PDF from this article (see
  3. On an advanced level, maybe also to deal with the former problems, the current PDFs ("Download as PDF") lack any map and thus the time-consuming maintenance of the GPS locations of sees, do, sleeps, etc. of a travel article are lost when downloading the PDF or creating a book from it. So why not also include a generic overview map (produced from OSM) for each article containing all GPS points with number, like Lonely Planet does (e.g. see This could for example be produced as a whole page at the end of each (PDF) article and it only needs to contain the numbers/points (as reference to the previous listings).
  4. For WikiVoyage articles the "Download as PDF" link is quite hard to find on the left side, and I know from some people they basically just printed (directly or into a PDF) the wiki page instead of properly creating the PDF. Couldn't there be created an icon with link in the upper right corner of the article for a direct download of this PDF, right next to the GPX icon where the GPX entries of the article can be directly downloaded, and the icon for the map view (see
  5. As mentioned before, each WikiVoyage article has a GPX file download icon (link) in the upper right corner to download all GPS points mentioned in this article. But for a book such a combined GPX file is not available, even though it would make sense to have all GPS points of all the books articles combined for the book to load them into a smartphone app like OSMand for travelling.

Many thanks

AKlapper (WMF) (talkcontribs)
Jkatz (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Thanks, @AKlapper (WMF)! @Ceever if you're interested in taking additional steps, I think AKlapper's answers are complete, but I can offer some additional color as well. By comment #.

  1. We have created a new pdf rendering service that should solve this issue. You can see this, by clicking on "download as pdf" on or and selecting "1 column" option. The current styling isn't as attractive as the previous one, but improving the styles is fairly straightforward and something we are working on here: Reading/Web/PDF Rendering. Your feedback is very welcome.
  2. Same as ^
  3. Right now the focus at the foundation is on things that are shown on the actual page, just because we are covering so many projects and have to at least cover this basic rule which isn't currently followed, but perhaps a volunteer would be interested in tackling this.As Andre said, I would file this as a "task" in phabricator -
  4. As Andre said, I would file this as a "task" in phabricator. I also would prefer to replace the link with an icon.
  5. As Andre said, I would file this as a "task" in phabricator...but as with above, it will be hard to prioritize this as its such a rarified use case.

Thank you for reaching out!

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